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Hell is Harmony came to life in 2008. After writing enough material the band started gigging around Scotland (Edinburgh, Glasgow, Dundee, Perth), always receiving good reviews and gaining a group of faithful followers.In the same year the band recorded a demo called "EAT YOUR VICTIMS" which consisted of four songs (Train, Psycho, Eat your victims, Mechanical puzzle box).


The following year thenext demo was recorded. It was entitled "I HAVE FIRE IN ME" and another four songs were featured (Hell is harmony, Fairytale, Better than Better, and Toxic kiss).


Year 2010 started pretty well - Hell is Harmony supported Lower than Atlantis, after which gig the guys from LTA said that HiH was the best supporting band they had during that tour.

2011 With the new line-up and new energy, the band quickly gained momentum and started gigging, managing to gather quite a crowd at their shows. 2011 was also the year which saw a full album recorded. The album was entitled "Opium" A promo video was recorded for the title song as well and can be watched online.


In 2012 the band had a chance to tour Scotland with a legend of Polish dark-goth-rock scene - Closterkeller. A few months later the band went to Poland and played a set at a festival supporting, among others, Decapitated.

In October the band was awarded the title of "Tattoo Jam 2012 Band of the Year" by winning Battle of The Bands at Tattoo Jam 2012 in Doncaster.

Contact and bookings:
e-mail: [email protected]